• Welcome to the Wayback Machine.

    Please excuse our mess while we renovate! Parallel Interactive will be launching our new website in July 2017. Check out a preview of our brand refresh on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you are in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in for a coffee (or craft beer). We’ll give you the grand tour of our new office.

    24  May  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Parallel Interactive. The Right Choice For Your Business.

    With the traditional agency model dying out and the ‘hit and miss’ hiring in the freelance world, choosing the right marketing team for your business is harder than ever. At Parallel Interactive, we have combined the best of both worlds to create an innovative, cost-effective marketing approach to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Parallel. We have a good feeling that you will want to know more about what’s in our marketing toolbox.

    24  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Stra-te-ger-y is Not a Plan (or Even a Word).

    A great brand starts with a sound strategy and succeeds because of consistent, effective implementation. It may sound simple but there are a lot of moving parts you need to understand, know how to keep track of and most importantly, systemically evaluate for success and improvement. That is what we do at Parallel. We can help you develop an innovative brand so you stand out among the competition.

    23  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • We Have Been Around the Block (Several Times).

    We’ve been in your seat and countless others. So, we’ve seen it all at this point. Unlike other digital marketing agencies who tier their clients based on size and budget, we don’t… Instead, we focus on small to medium sized clients – so everyone gets the ‘A’ team.  We have the experience to get things done right – the first time, within budget, and on schedule.

    22  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Rainbows and Unicorns Do Exist.

    Developing a successful online brand can be a complicated process. But the end result can be pretty fantastic when it’s done right. With over 400 projects under our belt we understand the challenges of producing quality marketing initiatives within budget and on deadline. It’s not magic, just hard work.

    21  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Move Away From the Shiny Object.

    Everyone is attracted to the latest technologies. But the latest technology might not always be the right solution for your business. We can help you sort through the technology clutter and determine what you really need… not what everyone is trying to sell you from the latest seminar.

    20  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Sure, We Can Put Lipstick on a Pig.

    But we don’t recommend it. Instead, our creative is designed with a purpose. We ensure the visual and written messaging work together to deliver the intended outcomes. Great design can speak volumes. View our work

    19  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • WTF? (What the Facebook?)

    Not sure of the true ROI of your Facebook page? Has your thought leadership blog not been updated since your summer intern left? These are some of the common issues that arise with trying to manage multiple social media vehicles with a limited budget and no spare time in the workday. Don’t despair. Parallel can help you develop a smart, cost-effective social media plan that builds your brand without breaking your budget.

    18  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Don’t Be the Emperor With No Clothes.

    It’s great to be noticed… but only for the right reasons. Thought leadership is a great way to show your expertise and build the value of your brand. See how we use thought leadership in our brand and check out the latest eBook we created for HPS Loadbanks.

    17  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.

    Unless you have to spend two to fix it. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way that price is not the only indicator of value. Selecting the right team, with the right skills, to develop the right solution to solve your challenge (within your budget) is what we do.

    16  August  Posted by Steve Saars
  • Choosing Your Best Option.

    After 20 years in the business, we know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we listen, learn your business and create flexible, experienced marketing teams to help you grow your business. We strive to deliver outstanding customer service and create innovative marketing initiatives tailored to your needs. Give us a ring and let’s get together to talk about your brand.

    14  August  Posted by Steve Saars