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Steve Saars

Steve Saars
President, Chief Marketing Officer

Steve has over 20+ years experience in marketing strategy and senior project management including 400+ digital project initiatives in key vertical markets including building/real estate, technology, travel, health/pharmaceutical, and retail eCommerce. As Chief Marketing Officer, Steve is responsible for developing integrated, omni-channel marketing plans. Marketing expertise includes business strategy, marketing strategy, brand development, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, public relations and trade shows. Digital marketing experience includes social media marketing, eMail marketing, mobile marketing, rich media content development, digital advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management and website analytics.

Brian Van de Wetering

Brian Van de Wetering
Vice President, Chief Technical Officer

Brian has over 30 years experience in software development, 15+ years experience as enterprise development technical lead and web applications architect for Epson America. Brian is an expert at software architecture and integration strategies, cloud infrastructure strategies, ERP integration, payment card processing, ecommerce, PCI compliance, and secure web application development procedures. Brian has lead international development teams and written enterprise web development standards. Brian is also a seasoned, hands-on developer with experience in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, SQL, XML, HTML, Broadvision JSP.

Paolo Catane

Paolo Catane
Digital Marketing Specialist

Paolo works with clients on the day-to-day management of online marketing initiatives. He is responsible for implementing digital marketing promotions, social media content and providing support for the website development and production teams.

Sarah Glanz

Sarah Glanz
Marketing Content Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for creating branded social media and blog content. She writes, edits and implements a variety of our clients’ online marketing initiatives. Sarah provides on-going project support for the digital marketing team.

Lee Waterman

Lee Waterman
Senior Technical Developer

Lee has 15+ years experience as senior developer and software engineer. Lee is a specialist in HTML, CSS, Drupal, WordPress, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, VB, and VB Scripting. He is also an expert in Unix, Linux, OSX, as well as the iPhone.


Nate Mak
Senior Technical Developer

Nate has 12+ years experience as senior Web developer and software engineer. Nate is a specialist in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, HTML, Broadvision JSP. He is also an expert in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and Magento, as well as Unix, Linux, and OSX. Nate is responsible for development of web-based applications and tools, creation of Perl and shell scripts, and support for all ecommerce production systems.


Larry Truett
Senior Database Developer

Larry has 20+ years experience as senior developer. Larry is a specialist in PHP, Java Servlets, JSPs, Python, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, XSL/XSLT, MySQL, Oracle 8i, and Oracle P/L SQL Packages He is also an expert in Drupal, CakePHP and WordPress.

Parallel Team_shelly

Shelly Pinomaki
Alliance Partner- Design

Shelly has over 25+ years experience in graphic design, end user, and business-to-business marketing communications. She manages the day-to-day responsibilities of design projects to ensure each is completed on-time and within budget. In addition to being a successful freelance designer, Shelly is a thought leader and speaker on a variety of topics including printing and graphic design communities and business trends. Her previous work experience includes design work for major construction companies as well as small businesses.

Parallel Team_pattie

Patti Testerman
Alliance Partner – Content

Patti is an award-winning copywriter and creative director with a background of 20 years in print and interactive communications at agencies, corporations, and as owner of Testerman Communications. Patti develops original and relevant content for websites, social media and public relations on topics from technology to consumer products. She takes the lead in project management, as well as developing strategy, creative concepts, and editorial themes.


Jo Healy North
Content Editor & Project Manager – Sydney

Jo has over 25+ years experience as an editor and publishing advisor with public sector experience including the NSW Premier’s Department and the NSW Department of State and Regional Development. Privates sector clients include small business publishing houses and publication production companies. In addition to serving as the content editor, Jo is the project manager for design and website production projects in our Sydney office.

Andy McRory | Photography

Andy McRory is a San Diego photographer who specializes in portrait, interior and exterior design, as well as commercial photography. His style is clean, basic, punchy, and real, documenting your life, loved ones, and work. From cars to kids, food to families, sports to seascapes, his pictures tell your stories.Prior to becoming a full time photographer, Andy worked as a content developer for a large start-up consulting company in the Bay Area. Andy is also formally trained as a writer and editor. Through photography he is able to tell stories and communicate ideas with verisimilitude and brevity.

Kirk Surry | Public Relations

Kirk has 17+ Years in senior level public relations serving the non-profit, technology, consumer, healthcare, and entertainment industries. He provides conventional media relations, social networking, and other direct-to-consumer channels.

Lynne Rine | Design

Lynne has over 25+ years experience in new media design; combined with rock solid programming experience. She earned a B.S. in Computer Programming and Analysis from Seneca College and a degree from Digital New Media Studios at the University of Toronto. Lynne offers a unique combination of design experience and technical proficiency.

Cat Virca | Trade Shows

Cat Virca has over 20+ years experience in the events and trade show industry. By working with various size corporations, she gained her expertise from being involved with the intricate details of the exhibit building process. In addition to exhibits and conferences, Cat has participated in planning and creating events of all sizes. Cat provides her clients with solutions to meet branding and product launch guidelines as well as display challenges from in-store and pop-ups to large exhibits and events.