18  April  Posted by Steve Saars

Your Marketing Copy Can Do Without These Phrases

Is your content full of trite clichés or marketing jargon? According to Dan Brotzel, Content Director at Sticky Content, good writing is key to good marketing content. His article “19 words and phrases to weed out of your marketing copy” gives suggestions on what not to write – and what you should say instead. Here are some of our favorites.

“X will soon be upon us” | This usually gives way to a clichéd reason why you should purchase a product – “The Christmas season is upon us, so why not stock up on wrapping paper?” Remember that repeating a phrase makes it less powerful. Instead, try addressing the topic from a fresh angle using different words.

“Looking for x?/Need x?” | Asking your customers if they need a service isn’t an inspired tactic. You’re only stating what you’re offering. Instead, get more creative and think of some specific reasons that people might want what you’re offering.

“Today’s fast-moving world” | This overused evaluation about how the world changes quickly doesn’t provide any insights. Try choosing one issue or area to discuss, like current marketing trends.

“State of the art” | This has become so overused that it’s almost meaningless, and basically only says that your product isn’t out of date. It can even make it sound like you’re trying too hard and that your product isn’t really that impressive. Skip this phrase and instead tell people about specific aspects of your product that demonstrate how it’s state of the art.

“We’re experts in/We have expertise in” | If you are an expert, you probably don’t need to label yourself as one. Talk about concrete achievements instead.

For more suggestions on how to streamline your copy, read the full article.

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