May  Posted by Steve Saars

Why Mashable’s CEO is Focused on Video

According to Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, the future belongs to video on both streaming and social platforms. Mashable has been making short-form shows with media partners, and producing shows is one of Mashable’s fastest-growing revenue lines. Cashmore spoke at the Digiday Publishing Summit, where he stressed the potential for premium mobile video content. Here are a few more takeaways from his speech.

Bigger isn’t always better. Consumers have so much content to choose from that a large scale may not be as beneficial as it used to be. Instead, you may want to focus on specific demographics. It’s working for Mashable – refocusing has upped their audience by 500 percent.

Snapchat may play a big role. Snapchat allows you to reach a big audience, and a younger audience. Cashmore says the platform has been really profitable for Mashable.

Try working with platforms. While platforms are busy and you may have issues communicating with them, they all need premium content. Working with platforms can be mutually beneficial.

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