18  July  Posted by Steve Saars

Why Marketers Choose Instagram Over Snapchat

It may seem like Snapchat is the next big thing poised to take over social media, but businesses and marketers disagree. Based on size alone, Snapchat’s user base of 150 million pales in comparison to Instagram’s 400 million. John Boitnott of Entrepreneur shares a few more reasons why Instagram is the platform of choice for marketers.

The basic nature of each platform is very different. According to Whit Walker, Category Manager at Fiverr, “Instagram is permanent and concrete while also being more discoverable.” Conversely, Snapchat’s niche is its ability to be temporary. This means people have a harder time exploring, which is a serious barricade for businesses. Instagram also has a more service-oriented advertising structure that’s user-friendly and affordable, while Snapchat’s advertising opportunities cater towards major brands with big budgets. Instagram is widely preferred by both small businesses and entrepreneurs who need accessibility and affordability. It provides a more cost-effective ROI with content that has a higher chance of being discovered and shared.

The advent of Instagram stories makes it an even stronger competitor. Snapchat growth slowed 82% following the launch of Instagram stories, despite the fact that the features are virtually identical. Meanwhile, Instagram shows no signs of slowing. eMarketer predicts that half of all social media users will be on Instagram by the end of 2017.

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