October  Posted by Steve Saars

Top 5 Reasons We Love SharpSpring Automated Marketing Tools

With the widespread growth of marketing automation, Parallel Interactive’s range of client services has increased exponentially this year. We searched for a year to find a software partner to integrate these services into our clients’ marketing technology stacks. Then we found SharpSpring.

It’s like Robin Hood rode through our office and delivered a bounty of premium digital marketing tools that were once only affordable for Fortune 500 companies. Now small- to mid-sized companies have access to top level marketing and sales automation tools at a fraction of the cost of other services. We love SharpSpring so much, we decided to put together our Top 5 list of reasons why:

1 | Agency Partner Cost Savings – The Agency Partner program provides a cost-saving advantage for our clients. The service offers partners preferred pricing on licenses and other agency-exclusive benefits that give our client relationships a substantial boost. Cost savings plus increased revenues means a win-win for our clients.

2 | Ultimate Marketing Tech Integration – Sales and marketing teams can share lead generation, contact management, data-driven sales strategy, and analytics in one streamlined customer lifecycle management system. This automation software integrates easily with existing marketing tech tools.

3 | Top-Notch Customer Service / Training – We haven’t had a single problem during training and or onboarding that wasn’t solved quickly by SharpSpring’s expert customer service reps. They seek feedback throughout the process and are constantly updating software to accommodate marketing tech manager’s needs.

4 | Real-Time Client Reports – SharpSpring saves us many hours of creating manual reports. Within seconds, we can produce real-time reports with charts and graphs for client presentations.

5 | No Strings Engagement – SharpSpring’s no-contract, month-to-month billing makes it easy to offer this service to clients with strict budgets.

The list goes on, and other SharpSpring clients and partners agree. Check out SharpSpring’s reviews on: GetApp | G2 Crowd | Martech Advisor | Trust Radius | Crowd Reviews

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