10  October  Posted by Steve Saars

The Ultimate Email Subject Line to Boost Your Open Rates

Are your brilliantly written emails falling on deaf ears? If you’ve seen too many emails go unopened, deleted or sent to the dreaded junk box, it’s time to try a different subject line strategy. It may not be what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. By adjusting the tone, length, timing, and customization of your email subject line, you can more effectively engage your audience and increase your open rates.

Nikki Gilliland of econsultancy.com reviews four top-rated factors in successful email subject line strategy:

Make it Personal

Generally speaking, a generic subject line merits a generic response (ignore or delete). According to a study conducted by Yes Lifestyle Marketing, open rates surge about 50% when subject lines includes recipients’ names or information on purchased / browsed items.

These data-driven emails speak directly to the consumer and more effectively trigger a response. Think about it. If you get an email with your name and a specific call-to-action or incentive based on your most recent online interest, you’d at least be curious, right?

Size Matters

In this case, the smaller your email subject line, the better. About 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device, according to a study by Return Path, released in July 2017. This means, you have about 35 characters to catch your audience’s attention before being cut off by an ellipse. The Yes Lifestyle Marketing study shows retail fans are especially receptive to the short-and-sweet approach with 18.3% open rate for shorter subjects, compared to 15.3% for longer ones. Higher opens occurred with short openers that also included a personalized offer.

Trigger Happy Factors

The type of trigger, or reason for your email, referenced in the email subject also affects open rates. Examples of triggers include incomplete purchases, newsletter sign up confirmations, and “we miss you” love notes to consumers who have failed to engage with brands over an extended period of time.

Say it with Emojis

Emojis can say a lot with only a few characters and have a surprising response rate for consumers. These text graphics are especially effective during seasonal promotions, according to an email emoji study conducted by Return Path.

Beware: not all consumers are emoji-friendly. Younger audiences are generally more receptive to emojis as they’re accustomed to using them in their daily texts and posts. 💩 rated the highest among emojis that inspire email opens Person Shrugging on Apple iOS 10.2

The study also includes tips for testing emojis before you consider them for future email campaigns (definitely recommended for the poop one).

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