13  June  Posted by Steve Saars

The Evolution of “Chief Marketing Officer”

The digital age has turned the traditional sales funnel on its head. Marketing isn’t just about communication anymore – successful businesses need a multi-channel strategy that combines technology, metrics, creativity and promotion. They also need someone who can effectively manage those efforts. Stephen White, EVP of Enterprise Technologies and Chief Marketing Officer at NIKA Solutions, explains how technology has affected marketing roles and how we can adapt to the changing landscape.

Marketing technology is expanding at a daunting pace. There are currently thousands of marketing software providers worldwide, with offerings including content management, automation, social media solutions, and CRM. In order to stay relevant, marketing executives need to play two roles: Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

The “Chief Marketing Technology Officer” is a hybrid role that is responsible for creatively aligning new marketing software with the company’s business goals. A successful CMTO must implement a data-driven strategy that fuels growth by:

  • Enabling an agile marketing function that can react quickly to company and customer needs
  • Streamlining client and prospect interaction
  • Unifying data systems, measuring performance, and analyzing results

Whether your department is Marketing, Information Technology, or something in between, we must learn to embrace new technologies and use them to build better processes that increase return on investment.

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