21  November  Posted by Steve Saars

Social Media Predictions for 2018

The past few years have seen advancements in digital marketing technology far beyond many expectations. The next steps, according to leading social media managers, are to refine, integrate, and regulate how we use these platforms. Social Media Today Contributor and Advanced Energy Global Leader for Social and Digital Media Stacey Sayer interviewed industry leaders on their 2018 social media predictions to help digital marketing managers get ahead of next year’s changes and innovations.

Enhanced Content Personalization | Employee Advocacy

Anita Veszeli, Head of Social Media & Employee Advocacy at Ericsson

Veszeli sees greater capabilities to integrate data across multiple channels and departments and provide a 360-view of customers. With improved social media analytics and targeting, social media managers are better able to personalize content for consumers and build meaningful, relevant relationships. Companies are also starting to integrate social media more fully into their culture with employee advocacy and social selling programs.

Multi-Formats | Brand Advocacy Regulations

Joe Schaeffer, Paychex

Schaeffer predicts increased use of video, live-streaming, and stories to reach consumers. Social media managers are using precision analytics to streamline their marketing dollars based on which formats and platforms make the most sense for their customers.

Schaeffer also notes this past year’s growth of influencer marketing and brand advocacy, calling for better FTC guidelines and oversight of endorsements.

Platform Restrictions

Matt Wolpin, Social Media Lead at Juniper Networks

According to Wolpin, lessons learned during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election will have an influence on how social media managers can share information. Sources may be more highly scrutinized in efforts to curb “fake news” or misinformation. Pending policy updates and restrictions with major platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, may have a big impact on a brand’s daily and extended campaign execution.

Analytics-Based Platform Targeting

Tom Buchheim, American Family Insurance

Now that social media managers have had a chance to kick the tires on a variety of competing features offered by platforms (eg. Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat), managers are focusing on the top performers. Buchheim’s 2018 social media predictions include budget-conscious decisions to invest more dollars with platforms and formats that rate highest with a brand’s social media performance analytics. Buchheim’s advice: take the time to get to know your customers and use the features they prefer most.

Ad Performance | Reputational Analysis

Author Stacey Sayer, Global Leader for Social and Digital Media at Advanced Energy

According to Sayer, brands are getting more choosey about where and how they spend their ad dollars. Managers are looking beyond click-through rates, instead taking a more qualitative analysis in how accompanying content affect a brand’s reputation. Clients are placing higher demands on ad placement tools to assure ads are not coupled with controversial or offensive content.

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