16  May  Posted by Steve Saars

Social Media: Is Less More?

Blaise Lucey, Director of Product & Content Marketing at Bitly, is a believer in “social media minimalism,” which he describes as “defying the hype and focusing on what really works for your brand.” In an article for Marketing Land, he explains why less can be more.

When social media took off in 2010, everyone jumped in. Today, businesses market on an average of eight different channels. Is this strategy really effective? 42% of marketers are still trying to determine social media’s ROI, and the percentage of users on social media that are there to shop is only 12% on Facebook and Instagram, 9% on Twitter, 5% on LinkedIn, and 3% on Snapchat. And although many companies are getting into Snapchat right now, marketers have ranked it as the second least-effective channel.

If your social media marketing is beginning to overwhelm you, it might be time to reevaluate. Audit the channels you’re currently using and look at your engagement and traffic. If something isn’t working, reconsider your strategy. It may be better to focus on a few of your most effective channels rather than spending a lot of time on multiple channels. The channel you post on isn’t as important as your content and your audience.

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