14  November  Posted by Steve Saars

Mastering Mobile Strategy

If you’re struggling to integrate a mobile strategy into your organization’s sales flow, you’re not alone. Rapid development of app capabilities has left many marketers in the dust, creating a confidence problem when it comes to investing in these tools. These stumbling points are the root of a mobile engagement crisis where brands make hasty mistakes in the rush to meet customers’ expectations. According to Marketing Land Contributor Lou Orfanos, the culprit may be a lack integration into your organization’s structure, not the technology.

The Problem

Mobile technology is only as viable as your strategy and execution. Don’t expect to offer everything all at once. Smart companies have a strategy that accounts for all stages of mobile maturity. While every company experience is unique, the origin of most issues with mobile technology lies in the organizational structure surrounding it.

Cross-Functional Mobile

Orfanos sees a trend among companies adopting cross-functional mobile teams and outperforming those without them. When companies develop and market a product across the full stack with their apps, monthly active users consistently rise year to year.

This level of mobile maturity often indicates the same sophistication exists in the organization’s cross-functional structure. The key is to work closely with your app development team to match each department’s unique user engagement strategies.

What’s Your Next Step?

Start by taking a serious look at your company’s structure to understand ways mobile technology can support your customer journey through all channels. Are you still debating the viability of mobile technology at this stage of the game or are you looking to broaden your use after a successful entry?

Building confidence in new technology takes time, but your journey starts with honest self-reflection of current organizational structure, then applying tools to support an already well-oiled machine.

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