19  September  Posted by Steve Saars

Make Change Count

The Downtown San Diego Partnership created the Make Change Count program to serve as an umbrella for the area’s homeless relief initiatives. There are red donation stations resembling parking meters scattered around downtown. Donations are collected and turned over to the Downtown San Diego Partnership Foundation, a 501(c)3 that supports the Ending Homelessness Campaign. The funds help pay for various homeless efforts including hygiene kits, family reunification programs, and items to assist with job interview preparation.

The donation meters accept coin, credit, and debit card donations. They are designed to discourage hostile panhandling and give the public an opportunity to donate to programs that efficiently address and mitigate homelessness. The Make Change Count program is sponsored by Cox Communications and IPS Group Inc., which repurposed and donated meters for this initiative.

Click here for a list of donation meter locations or donate online. Interested in installing a donation station on your property? Call the Clean & Safe office at 619.234.8900.