6 March

Google introduces AMP Stories

Social media stories continue to grow in popularity, and Google isn’t one to miss an opportunity. What started with Snapchat Stories has now spread to Facebook and Instagram with the search engine g […]

27 February

Marketing Trends Ahead in 2018

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving beast. Just when you think you have it figured out, the game changes at lightning speed and unleashes a new wave of uncharted technical territories. Technology, s […]

21 February

Track Top Clicks with UTM Parameters

Do you use UTM parameters (UTM = Urchin Tracking Module) to track social profile, status update clicks, and other incoming links? If not, you’re missing some important information that can help you […]

15 February

Marketing Automation Advances to Track in 2018

Are you spending hours every day managing all your customer communications manually or have you discovered the time-saving, hyper-networking benefits of marketing automation? Thanks to products from c […]

8 February

5 Customer Segmentation Best-Practices

You know who your customers are, but do you truly understand them? There’s no doubt that the more you know about your audience, the greater your chances are to reach them with impactful messages tha […]

25 January

Open Graph Meta Tags: Your Facebook BFFs

Until recently, Facebook users had the option to dress up link previews with more captivating images and catchier titles and descriptions than what the linked pages had to offer. This function was esp […]

17 January

Add Social to Your SEO Strategy

When it comes to creating successful search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, Google isn’t the only algorithm game to master. Content marketing comes in all forms – written, images, vide […]

10 January

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

For many small businesses, social media marketing can feel like trying to capture the attention of a goldfish. With about 94 percent of small businesses using social media channels to market their pro […]

27 December

Top SEO Ranking Factors

The quest to unlock the mysteries of SEO ranking factors continues. Search engines continually update their ranking algorithms to complement advances in technology and improve return results. Once cru […]

20 December

7 Marketing Campaign Essentials

Staying current and running effective campaigns in a constantly changing marketing environment demands a strategic focus on multiple levels. Even the most sophisticated of marketing tools may fail to […]

13 December

Brand Partnerships Cast Wider Nets

When brands collaborate, they combine their abilities to build stronger brand awareness and expand their audiences (well, sometimes). Nikki Gilliand of econsultancy.com reviews the pros and cons of re […]