13 December

Brand Partnerships Cast Wider Nets

When brands collaborate, they combine their abilities to build stronger brand awareness and expand their audiences (well, sometimes). Nikki Gilliand of econsultancy.com reviews the pros and cons of re […]

7 December

2018 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends have evolved at dizzying speeds over the past couple of years, and 2018 predictions show no signs of slowing down. As marketers continue to adopt new technologies, a few under […]

28 November

Technology and Urbanization

Despite popular projections on urban populations continuing to rise, UPS logistics expert and TED speaker Julio Gil, says urbanization is actually reaching the end of its cycle. In a few years, techno […]

21 November

Social Media Predictions for 2018

The past few years have seen advancements in digital marketing technology far beyond many expectations. The next steps, according to leading social media managers, are to refine, integrate, and regula […]

14 November

Mastering Mobile Strategy

If you’re struggling to integrate a mobile strategy into your organization’s sales flow, you’re not alone. Rapid development of app capabilities has left many marketers in the dust, creating a c […]

7 November

Effective SEO Content

Good content helps potential customers find you. Great content converts them to customers and builds lasting relationships. However, 59 percent of companies are still in the dark about how to create e […]

24 October

Google Travel Tools Add Flex Dates for Cheaper Trips

Google is making it easier to find great deals on flights and hotels by updating their search tool with flexible departure and return dates. Google Travel Tools allow travelers to search multiple hote […]

17 October

4 Essentials to Streamline Your Marketing Technology Stack

In today’s digital evolution, a chief marketing officer is tough to tell apart from a chief technology officer. Some companies’ CMOs may actually spend more on technology than their CTOs. Accordin […]

10 October

The Ultimate Email Subject Line to Boost Your Open Rates

Are your brilliantly written emails falling on deaf ears? If you’ve seen too many emails go unopened, deleted or sent to the dreaded junk box, it’s time to try a different subject line strategy. I […]

4 October

3 Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO Content Creation

Your new website may be beautifully designed and loaded with interesting content, but if you’re not paying attention to the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, no one, will see it. […]

2 October

Top 5 Reasons We Love SharpSpring Automated Marketing Tools

With the widespread growth of marketing automation, Parallel Interactive’s range of client services has increased exponentially this year. We searched for a year to find a software partner to integr […]