How We Work. Smart. Nimble. Driven.



That pretty much sums up the team at Parallel. Whether you need help with your brand strategy, online marketing initiatives or internal marketing processes, Parallel offers you the best of all worlds – the talent of an innovative marketing agency, the efficiency of an experienced internal marketing team and the value of on-demand resources. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3…

What Business Mode Are You In?


We all have to start somewhere and we have certainly been there ourselves. We know how important it is to maximize the power of your brand working with a limited budget. Parallel will work with you to establish a solid branding foundation for your brand to get noticed in the right way.


Success is awesome as long as it keeps coming. In Grow mode, Parallel can work with you to continue to build your brand momentum and support you in implementing your growing list of marketing deliverables. Our team can deliver the extra help you need without breaking the budget or adding to your overhead.


At a certain point, everyone needs a little nip and tuck. Parallel can revive your visual brand, rethink your marketing message and fine tune your marketing processes. We help you take a fresh look at where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there in the quickest, most cost-effective way.


We all want to drink fruity drinks on the beach at some point. For business owners who are ready to feel the sand between their toes, we will help you get positioned for your exit. Parallel can serve as your on-demand marketing support team to reduce your overhead expenses and deliver better bottom line results. And we even know a few equity fund managers who are looking to buy mid-sized companies…

How Do You Want to Work?

Virtual Marketing Department.

Why hire a lone marketing person when you can have an entire marketing department at your fingertips? As a business owner in Sprout or Grow mode, our virtual marketing department is suited just for you. We can work with you to set up your processes and provide you with a marketing department until you are ready for an in-house team. (But you might find we do such a great job, you won’t ever need one).

For those of you in the Weed business mode, we can be the breath of fresh air you are looking for. We can ‘stop the train’, clear out the cob webs and reboot your marketing strategy. We can also streamline your processes to improve your marketing systems and increase the return on your marketing dollars. Whether it’s for a couple of months or a couple of years, you can be confident that our marketing know-how is with you every step of the way.

On-Demand Bolt-in Marketing.

In today’s world, companies go mean and lean with their marketing teams. We have all been there… you need extra help on a semi-regular basis but know the boss won’t let you add the extra headcount. Our on-demand team provides you with a consistent, experienced back-up team to help you just when you need it. We deliver better value for money than a traditional agency pricing structure and better results than temporary staffing.  We learn your business and get to know your team. We are there when you need us and not on the payroll when you don’t. Our on-demand marketing services adapt to fit any business mode.

By the Project.

Everyone needs an extra hand no matter your business mode. We can pick up the extra slack or help you in areas outside of your ‘marketing’ wheelhouse. Regardless of your need, our team will get the job done on-time, on-target and on-budget.

By the Hour.

You need help. We help. You can work with us on an hourly basis. You pay as you go with no contract required. We make it easy for companies in Sprout and Grow modes to make things happen without costing you a fortune.

Coffee or Tea?

Call us and schedule a time for coffee and tea, so we can talk more about your marketing needs.