10  July  Posted by Steve Saars

How to Avoid Fake Reviews

Recent studies prove positive social media reviews drive consumers to buy your product, eat at your restaurant, or patronize your local business. Social media savvy consumers avoid businesses with negative reviews on YelpTrip Advisor, or Zagat. As a result, the industry of fake reviews has increased significantly. Mashable’s Elliott Morgan offers tips for spotting fake reviews in his video, “How to Avoid Fake Reviews.

Elliot’s Tips to Spot Fake Reviews

  • Newbies – You should be aware of new users. Some companies offer incentives for positive reviews. Don’t base your decision on a review from a new user.
  • Similar Language in Multiple Reviews – Every person has their own style when it comes to writing reviews. Don’t trust any review with similar key words and/or jargon.
  • Too Many Details – Reviewers typically refer to a restaurant or business by what it is commonly known as. For example, most people do not call Disney World, “The Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.” Having overly specific details should be a red flag. Likewise, people aren’t going to be writing rave reviews about popular food chains.
  • No Specific Details – Elliot suggests that if a hotel review is “stuffed” with more details about the family-friendly activities than details about its late night happy hour, the review is probably fake. Fake reviewers generally talk about one place, using phrases or keywords that can be used across multiple hotels.

Watch the video.