24  October  Posted by Steve Saars

Google Travel Tools Add Flex Dates for Cheaper Trips

Google is making it easier to find great deals on flights and hotels by updating their search tool with flexible departure and return dates. Google Travel Tools allow travelers to search multiple hotels and airports on different dates to find the best intersection between their schedules, budgets, and on-site conveniences.

Google Travel Tools new feature is similar to what you’d find on search engines like Kayak.com, but built into Google’s search bar to save a few steps when accessing the information.

Hotel searches allow you to track and changes in price once you’ve selected the dates. Integration with Google Maps also allows you to track your trip, so you’ll arrive to meetings and airport check-ins on time.

These new searching capabilities are available on Google mobile now. A desktop version will be available later this year. So keep your dates flexible and check out this new search tool before you schedule your next out-of-town client meeting. Impress your clients by actually streamlining your itineraries and decreasing your travel expenses.

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