March  Posted by Steve Saars

Google introduces AMP Stories

Social media stories continue to grow in popularity, and Google isn’t one to miss an opportunity. What started with Snapchat Stories has now spread to Facebook and Instagram with the search engine giant hot on their heels. Google is introducing AMP Stories, a follow up to its Accelerate Mobile Pages project.

The AMP project was an idea of Google developers to speed up mobile web consumption by stripping down news articles and delivering them in an easy-to-consume format. These articles load instantly on mobile and can be pre-cached so, when tapped, they instantly appear on the screen.

AMP Stories takes this idea one step further. Like Snapchat Stories, the experience will be an interactive one heavily focused on imagery and video storytelling where readers swipe through articles in a slideshow format. The difference is that, similar to the AMP articles, these stories can be stripped down and pre-loaded as well, meaning when you search something, the content will load before it is even tapped.

Only a few publications are currently using AMP Stories: CNN, Conde Nast, and Mashable to name a few. Some of these stories are out right now. They can be searched by publisher and viewed on a mobile device at the AMP Stories search page.

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