January  Posted by Steve Saars

Eli Pariser :: Beware of Online Filter Bubbles

Eli Pariser, author of the book, The Filter Bubble, discusses how information on the Internet is not as balanced as we think. In his recent video for TED Talks, Eli explores how search results can be filtered based on a person’s interests and commonalities with friends on social media. Results can also vary from person to person and there’s no way to change what results you receive. For example, the type of browser and computer you own can yield difference results than someone with a different brand of computer and browser.

Eli further clarifies that the Internet shows us what it thinks we want to see, not necessicarily what we need to see. If you want unbiased news and information you cannot simply rely on search engine results to be your only resource. You need to move beyond the invisible filter bubble on the Internet and proactively search for information in a variety of different ways to ensure a balanced approach.

Watch the video.