20  June  Posted by Steve Saars

Effective Virtual Reality Marketing Campaigns

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that is changing the way we engage with content. No longer will we need to describe a product in an ad or show a two-dimensional commercial – VR provides a fully immersive experience. Because it’s relatively new, not many brands have been able to harness its full potential. Darnelle O’Brien gives examples of successful VR marketing campaigns in her article, “4 Virtual Reality Campaigns Which Highlight the Brand Potential of the Medium.”

TOMS | Have you ever donated to a charity or foundation and wondered where your money is really going? TOMS Shoes overcame this obstacle with the TOMS 360-degree Virtual Giving Trip campaign. Widely known for their “One for One” business model, TOMS gave consumers the opportunity to see the impact they have when they purchase a pair of shoes and give a pair to a child in need. Key takeaway: Does your industry have a barrier to entry or negative market sentiment you can solve with VR? 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Russia’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week created a virtual reality campaign that invited participants to explore the city, watch the show and go behind the scenes. Users were able to fully immerse themselves into the fashion week experience from different perspectives, including the paparazzi, attendees, and even the models. Key takeaway: Does your brand have many influencers and stakeholders too? Can you create a VR to show multiple perspectives of your brand experience?

Read the full article for more examples.

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