29  August  Posted by Steve Saars

Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

By now, we’ve all heard that video is the next big thing, and that it’s important to include it in your content marketing strategy. Wondering how to do so? Logan Nickleson shares some creative ideas in his article (and video!), “How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Results with Video.” Here are a few of his best suggestions.

  1. Not everything you write and film needs to be original. Maximize your output with minimal effort by repurposing your old blog posts into videos. You can film someone discussing ideas in a monologue format, or make a short animated text video about the key points.
  2. Use it in your emails. Email isn’t the most exciting communication channel anymore, but adding video can help you stand out from the crowd. Video can increase email engagement by 50 percent, helping you get more opens, clicks, and forwards.
  3. Create a video course. Share your knowledge by creating a video course on a topic you know a lot about. You’ll position yourself as an authority by providing high value content to your followers.
  4. Go live. Did you know that on Facebook, people watch live videos for three times as long as regular videos? You can film conferences, events, announcements, webinars, and more.
  5. Broadcast your company culture. Sharing behind-the-scenes videos of your team on Instagram or Snapchat can help you humanize your brand and build trust with potential customers. It’s also a good way to attract new talent.

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