25  April  Posted by Steve Saars

Are You Ready for Business to Human Marketing?

In the past, B2C marketing was about using paid media and products to build your brand, while B2B focused on generating leads. Today, B2B focuses on buyer personas and engaging branding and messaging while B2C relies on measurement and conversion rates. According to Tim Kopp, partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, the next wave is B2H – business to human marketing.

B2H emphasizes a human connection in a world of rapidly changing technology, advances in artificial intelligence and bots, shortening attention spans, and quick decision-making. Kopp argues that because we all have our humanity in common, we want to be helped rather than sold to.

B2H focuses on authentic, empathetic, and personalized customer experience. It requires a deep understanding of both your market and your customer’s needs. If you can empathize with your customers, your efforts will be authentic. Treat each of your customers differently according to their individual challenges. Become a trusted advisor, and add value to their lives and businesses. Take the time to create a genuine relationship.

To do so, start with your employees and your company culture. Make sure that your B2H values and messages are clear and consistent in every area of your company. Employees should embody the mindset so that they can help create cohesive and consistent touchpoints for your customers.

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