17  January  Posted by Steve Saars

Add Social to Your SEO Strategy

When it comes to creating successful search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, Google isn’t the only algorithm game to master. Content marketing comes in all forms – written, images, video, and audio. The most effective execution of SEO strategy includes platforms that maximize rankings in multi-media and reach potential customers from all angles.

Marketing Land Columnist Rachel Lindteigen reviews best practices in SEO strategy that can help you boost your content marketing outcomes, increase website traffic, and attract qualified sales leads.

Keywords in File Names | Include keywords in file names for videos and images on your page. When naming files, include your brand name and other relevant search terms people would use to find you. File names are indexed similarly to main body content and earn greater outcomes on main results pages, as well as dedicated image and video results pages.

YouTube and Pinterest | If you’re not including YouTube and Pinterest in your SEO strategy, you’re missing out. Many people think of these platforms as just social channels, but they are highly trafficked sites with opportunities to exponentially increase your reach. Both platforms include predictive search features to help you choose popular search terms and more effectively optimize videos and images to their audiences.

YouTube offers tags, keywords, and video descriptions to attract new viewers. For best results, focus on educational how-to videos loaded with keywords in the descriptions and captivating preview images.

Keywords are also important on Pinterest searches, but the quality and formatting of your images will make the greatest impact on your results. Lindteigen recommends colorful vertical images with copy overlays and pins with multiple images. Include targeted descriptions, #hashtags, and a link to the page or blog post related to the image.

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