20  December  Posted by Steve Saars

7 Marketing Campaign Essentials

Staying current and running effective campaigns in a constantly changing marketing environment demands a strategic focus on multiple levels. Even the most sophisticated of marketing tools may fail to deliver without research and planning. Marketo.com Blog Contributor Dan Purvis reviews seven marketing campaign essentials that help you reach audiences in more meaningful, impactful ways:

  1. Align Marketing Campaign Goals | While every marketing campaign is different, strategies must always emerge from your core business plan. Ask how this outreach supports each facet of your business performance.
  1. Define Measurable Success | Before you begin, you’ll need to know where you’re heading. Define your goals with key performance indicators and measurable metrics, such as landing page and website traffic, and social activity (shares, mentions, likes).
  1. Research | Know your audience, where and when to reach them, and how they behave online. Then, test the waters before taking a dive into your full campaign launch. Be ready to adapt your strategy as you learn more about your audience and what they want.
  1. Strategize | There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media and digital marketing channels. The tools you use in your marketing campaign essentials kit are most likely different than other campaigns. What’s the purpose of your outreach, and what’s the best way to achieve these goals with your audience? Tailor your content to match your demographics and platforms they use.
  1. Choose, Use Channels Wisely | When you execute timely, relevant messaging in the right places, you connect with your consumers in an authentic way and inspire them to take action. Choose your channels wisely and develop content that focuses on problem solving, not just sales.
  1. Feature Testimonials | Third-party testimonials carry a lot more clout than conventional ads, so give your customers a chance to tell your story. Consider using short video testimonials to feature customer benefits in a direct and personal way.
  1. Plan a Flexible Timeline | Once you’ve launched, the work has just begun. Plan your publish dates and content to match your consumers’ availability and needs. Be ready to fine tune your timeline or change direction, depending on the analytics you receive along the way.

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